PHP 8.3 Now Available

We rolled out PHP 8.3 support across all of our servers and it is now available for all clients.

PHP 8.3 is a major update of the PHP language. It contains many new features, including explicit typing of class constants, deep-cloning of readonly properties, additions to the randomness functionality, and more.

As with any new PHP update, PHP 8.3 also brings improved performance and resource efficiency for your applications.

Easy Switching

Changing your PHP version takes just a few clicks, and you can always revert back instantly. Here’s how:

You’ll find the knowledgebase guide below for the guide on how to change the PHP version with our various products:

PHP 8.3 Compatibility

PHP 8.3 is still very new. Ensure all your websites, plugins, and themes have been updated and are fully compatible with PHP 8.3 before making the switch. Otherwise, you might encounter unexpected errors or broken functionality.

Should you upgrade?

  • For testing and development: Absolutely! It’s a chance to experiment with the latest features.
  • For most production websites: Proceed with caution. Wait for broader plugin/theme compatibility or test updates thoroughly on a staging environment first.