PHP 7.4 Extended Security Support

PHP 7.4 was released on 28 November 2019 and it is one of the most stable and widely supported PHP version to date. As the policy of The PHP Group is to fully support a PHP version for 2 years plus an additional year of support for critical security issues only, the security support for the PHP 7.4 branch will officially end on 28 November 2022.

However, as not all PHP applications, plugins and themes are compatible with the newer PHP versions yet, this will put many website owners in a dilemma on whether to continue using a PHP version which is no longer supported or to risk breaking the website by switching to a newer PHP version.

NoFrillsCloud is proud to announce that we are extending the security support for PHP 7.4 indefinitely so you can continue to use PHP 7.4 in our servers with full peace of mind.

We keep your websites safe by patching all older PHP versions against known vulnerabilities.

As such, our customers will not be forced to choose between security and compatibility so you have the choice of whether to continue using an older PHP version like PHP 7.4 or switch to a newer PHP like PHP 8.0 or PHP 8.1.

You can also switch between the various PHP versions at anytime or have a different PHP version for each of your website for maximum flexibility.