Improved Emails Delivery with MailChannels

We have completed the deployment of MailChannels Outbound Filtering for all servers*.

MailChannels is an Outbound Filtering provider that we use to identify and block spammers for reliable email delivery. 

We route all emails sent by our servers through MailChannels and if any legitimate email is rejected because of IP reputation issues, their system will automatically re-attempt the email delivery from a different IP again and again until the email is sent. 

To ensure the best delivery possible, you should update your SPF record to authorize MailChannels to send emails on your behalf.

If you use our nameservers, there is nothing that you will need to do as our system will take care of it for you automatically.

If you are not using our nameservers (like when you use CloudFlare), login to CloudFlare Dashboard or your DNS control panel and update your SPF record with the following string:-

* Excluding Cloud Dedicated Hosting & Cloud Clusters Hosting