Going Green This Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth day. It is the day we demonstrate support for environment protection.

In conjunction with Earth Day this year, we are introducing several initiatives and commitments to run our Green Cloud Hosting business in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Carbon Neutrality

All of our servers at various Cloud providers are powered by 100% renewable energy or renewable energy credits.

We do our best to ensure that every server that we provision is carbon neutral.

Energy Efficient Software

Our extensive server level caching and optimization allow us to serve your website faster while reducing CPU usage at the same time which cuts down on energy usage.

We also block bad bots from accessing your website at the server and network level, reducing the CPU and energy usage needed to respond to the unwanted traffic.

Remote Team

We are a fully remote company since our inception in 2011 with most of our team members working from their own home.

This significantly reduces energy use in an office setting while also completely eliminating emissions from daily commute.

Restore Our Amazing Rainforest

We are also announcing a partnership with Animal Projects & Environmental Education (APE Malaysia), a social enterprise that focuses on conservation as a means to enable the wider change towards a sustainable future as part of our sustainability efforts.

APE Malaysia runs Restore Our Amazing Rainforest (R.O.A.R.), a reforestation project in Borneo, Malaysia to create and reconnect important forest corridors that will benefit the wildlife and support local communities for years to come.

We support the R.O.A.R. initiative with monthly tree plantings to offset the carbon footprints of our operations.

We also offer our clients the option to Plant A Tree through the R.O.A.R. initiative during our sign up process or anytime later.

All the trees will be planted on APE Malaysia’s reforestation sites at the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary assigned by the Sabah Wildlife Department.


Trees Survival Rate


Trees Planted


Acres Reforested

Our First Batch of Trees Have Been Planted!

Our first batch of trees have been planted in the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary!

The team at APE Malaysia have planted Lamba (Colona seratifolia), Sengkuang (Dracontomelon), Talisai Paya (Terminalia copelandii), Kerodong (Microcos sp), Kayu Malam (Diospyros sp) and Obah Jangkang (Eugenia cerassiformis) on our behalf on plot N05.54181 E118.31103.

These trees will be maintained for a year which includes the APE Malaysia team going back to the site to clear weeds and vines. In just 5 years, these trees will grow up to 5m in height and in less than 10 years, it will converge with the rest of the trees to form the forest canopy.

We hope to hear gibbons and birds singing away, monkeys swinging from tree to tree and maybe even an orangutan nesting way up in our trees!