Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence

We turned 10 this year!

NoFrillsCloud was founded as NoFrillsReseller back in 2011 as a sub-brand of Aspiration Hosting with a strong focus on Reseller Hosting solutions.

After being spun off 8 years later, our team quickly got to work and since then we’ve rolled out major improvements & features, added new products & services, expanded our servers to various Cloud providers across major cities around the world, rebranded to NoFrillsCloud and we have redesigned our website twice!

NoFrillsReseller 2011
NoFrillsReseller 2019
NoFrillsCloud 2021

We are happy to report that we now power over 50,000 websites across servers with various Cloud providers in nine global cities.! We could not have done this without our team members who diligently kept the lights running and maintain excellent support even while the world is battered with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Giving Back to Clients, Old and New

We would also like to express our eternal gratitude to our loyal clients who trust us with your websites and your business. We will not let you down!

As a token of our gratitude, we will be giving back to clients, old and new, with a 30% one-time discount across all billing cycles. The offer is available until March 31st, 2021.

Existing clients can take advantage of this offer by switching to a longer billing cycle or upgrade to a higher plan. As the discount is one-time only, the longer the billing cycle you go with, the higher the discount value you will receive.

New clients can take advantage of the offer as part of our 10th Anniversary Sale by signing up with the promo code 10YEARS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the offer applicable for upgrades?

Yes, you can enjoy 30% discounts for the first billing cycle if you upgrade to a higher plan.

Please do get in touch with our Customer Service team to arrange for this.

Is the offer applicable for billing cycle changes?

Yes, the promotion is applicable if you change to a longer billing cycle.

You will only receive the discount once for every service you have with us.

Is the discount one-time or recurring?

The discount is applicable one-time only so the longer the billing cycle you go with, the higher the value of discount you will receive.

Is the offer applicable for renewals?

Unfortunately the offer is not applicable for renewals as that will not be sustainable for us as a business. We do intend to stick around for at least another decade! 😉